The People Behind the Wine

Kevin and Kris have spent their lives in service to both the US military and Federal Government. This sense of service continues to remain their core ethos. Their wine journey began in Germany, discovering wines along the Rhine and Mosel rivers. Living in Europe for almost 15 years enabled the gradual discovery of a multitude of wines across the European continent. As their wine journey progressed, their appreciation for terroir, fruit and wine regions grew as well, creating an exciting momentum around how good wine is truly made. Inevitably, the road led to making small-batch wine at home and discovering the importance of both the art and science that go into the making of every bottle of wine. The journey was further manifested in much time away deployed to faraway places bivouacked under the stars and thus the idea of Bivouac Cellars was born. Today, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to share our journey and our dream with a continuation of serving others…in creating special memories with special wine.

Dedicated to excellence in wines


Our Philosophy

Born of a philosophy that life will only be as happy as the attitude and effort put forth in the living of it, no matter what the circumstances. We offer this wine as a manifestation of a dream during a life of service while bivouacked in faraway places.

Tasting Schedule

 Aug 9-10 | 4pm -7pm 
Aug 16-17 | 4pm -7pm 
Aug 23-24 | 4pm -7pm
Aug 30-31 | 4pm -7pm


Located at Larc Hill
Vineyard Ranch
3795/3799 US Highway 97A
Chelan, Washington 98816